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What can you get cards with advantages?

  • Card with advantages and protection of money back
  • Card with price protection for the consumer
  • Other Types of Credit Card Insurance
  • Does paying annuity fee make sense while having a card?
  • Apply for higher but exclusive annuity card
  • Card with discounts and perks
  • Conclusion

What can you get cards with advantages?


What can you get cards with advantages?

If you are not receiving free information from your credit card, I suggest you should be.

While most customers and consumers know or only cling to the dangers that credit cards cause, few are aware of the benefits and advantages that many of the cards offered to cardholders have.

Like most things, the more you pay, the more you wait for something – in other words, people generally expect a lot more from the cards when paying the annuity fees that are usually expensive.


But that does not mean that low-income cards, non-paid cards or non-annuity cards are not filled with interesting and free resources.

Many cards offer purchase protection from some sort of thing like, cash back, protection against loss, protection, reimbursement and extended warranty and personal insurance and travel.

These small advantages can really add value to your purchases, not to mention the bonuses, discounts at stores and points for exchange for products.

Card with advantages and protection of money back


Card with advantages and protection of money back


If your card offers return protection, for example, you will automatically have the right to return your purchases even if the store from which you purchased them does not accept returns or your return period has expired.

This can be a good feature, especially if you buy items like electronics, which usually have more restrictive rules on returns, or appliances that flips and stirs are delivered with problems.

Card with price protection for the consumer


Price protection is another common feature on many cards. You may have seen commercials from retailers reporting the fact that if the price falls on an item within 30 days of purchase, you will receive a refund for the extra amount you paid.

If you have cards with advantages, especially that offers price protection, you can guarantee the best price no matter where you make your purchases.

One of the best features of any credit card is its extended warranty feature.

Forget the extended warranty that they try to sell in the store – your credit card could double the standard warranty on anything you get with it (usually up to a year or more). For expensive items, the economy of this feature can be substantial if you need replacement or repairs.

Other Types of Credit Card Insurance

Other Types of Credit Card Insurance

Most people do not think credit cards can protect them in a car accident, but if you are using your card to rent a car, you are likely to be entitled to secondary insurance coverage if you rent by paying with card.

Small personal accident insurance is also a good thing when unexpected circumstances such as a break or something. But you do not have to pay for it – many credit cards offer free when you use them routinely.

Traveling is another area where the advantages of credit card companies can be a great help. Having roadside assistance and travel assistance in an emergency are common advantages of many credit cards offered freely out there.

And do not worry if you lose your luggage – if it is covered by your credit card, no problem!

Does paying annuity fee make sense while having a card?

The annuity rate on a credit card can make all sense if the amount you pay annually gets back from your card into accumulating benefits and benefits.

When evaluating whether the benefits you get from a card outweigh the maintenance costs to use it, which is not limited to day-to-day spending – that is, there are cards that unless you spend at least a moderate amount of money a month exempts you from the fee, you will probably have to tie your money.

Apply for higher but exclusive annuity card

Apply for higher but exclusive annuity card

Higher incomes make it easier to upgrade to a more exclusive credit card.

In this case, in addition to the prestige of purchasing an exclusive card, you can also get some impressive advantages, including super-discount airfare, concierge services, point programs and VIP access to events, airports and special destinations.

These more sophisticated cards like black and diamond cards tend to have rates that can reach hundreds of dollars, but depending on how you use one of your cards with advantages, you can offset the high price of the card annuity.

One of the biggest advantages that you will find with premium credit cards are the rewards programs. If you spend a lot of money on your card, it’s not difficult to get many free products, services and items, such as electronics or travel packages.

If you own a business or are authorized to sign up for a points program on your corporate credit card, the points can be a fantastic way to get something for free, such as upgrade tickets to the executive branch.

Card with discounts and perks


If the wide range of benefits of a credit card is new to you, there is a good reason – people generally use cards with advantages only to pay for things, many are unaware of the advantages and few actually use them.

It is easy to forget the mountain of benefits offered by your card, but it is also easy to take advantage of them if you are aware.

To begin, examine all the paperwork that comes with your credit card when they arrive in the mail. If you missed them, call 0800 or local number on the back of your card or look on the issuer, bank or administrator’s website for details about the features and benefits your card offers.



Be sure to search for credit cards that offer benefits that you can enjoy. If you are lucky, they can be much more substantial than expected and in the end you may be surprised.

At the same time, if the benefits you get from your current card are not that good, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with its limitations, including the interest rate on the card or the fee charged on the card, but try to enjoy all programs.

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What is having dirty name or bad credit?

  • Why can not I get a credit card with a dirty name?
  • How to have a dirty name card?
  • Prepaid cards for someone with a dirty name
  • Checked-out payday loans with dirty name
  • Store Credit Cards
  • What to do if your credit card request is denied

What is having dirty name or bad credit?

What is having dirty name or bad credit?

Being like the dirty name is determined by how the citizen handled his uncontrolled buying power and the misuse of personal credit over the years that have passed.

Anyone who fails to make financial commitment payments, your CPF is sent to credit bureaus as a defaulter and because you are denied credit, we say that people are called dirty.

A credit score that is typically below 400 usually can be considered as bad, however as we have three companies reporting the credit score, one may be different from the other.

But, ideally you have a good or excellent rating, you will want to look for at least the 700. Below that, you will be will have access to higher rates when related to financial products.


The lower, the higher the rates, and when the person is with the dirty name , that is, is enrolled in the Serasa, SPC, Boa Vista, CCF, notary offices or has protests spread there with delinquent, therefore is a debtor, interest rates are much higher and access to credit, personal loans and financing is restricted.

“That’s the bad news.” The good news is that it takes a few months to have good consumer behavior to improve your score as long as you pay back the past due debts as the creditors.

Therefore, it is fundamental that each person be careful about the default. After all, having the negative CPF can bring a lot of problems, especially the inability to issue a conventional credit card with good limits, and only the dirty name card will remain.

However, if this is your case, know that there are alternatives to conquering your plastic money. Want to know how to do it even with the negative CPF? So, continue reading this article and see our tips. Check out!

Why can not I get a credit card with a dirty name?

Why can not I get a credit card with a dirty name?

Defaulting consumers have extreme difficulty accessing any credit line in the traditional system. This can be explained by the fact that, in order to obtain credit, the interested party must undergo a careful analysis of their ability to pay.

When the client encounters default records on credit bureaus, it means a very high risk of non-repayment of debt. Therefore, companies consult these databases to make the best decision on the assignment of credit.

In general terms, the best way to get access to credit lines again is by organizing your financial life and taking out your debts. That way, clearing your name is easier to get back a reputation as a good payer.

How to have a dirty name card?

How to have a dirty name card?

While it is practically impossible to get a credit card in default in traditional banks, it is undeniable that the use of this financial resource becomes essential to get out of the red. But of course, it is necessary to rehabilitate consumption habits.

Buying without interest and having the opportunity to pay in installment is a very sought after option by most people. In this scenario, you can even pay some expenses to have the name cleaned up faster.

The good news is that there are alternatives to some credit services like products made available exclusively to people with restriction and dirty name in the square. However, these are different from those traditionally known.

If you are denied and need a credit card without consulting the credit protection agencies, here are some viable options for your case.

Prepaid cards for someone with a dirty name

The prepaid credit cards are part of a credit modality where the user can request their without consultation and without link to banking institutions. Its use consists of a template similar to the debit card and you control the limit you want to use.

In a simple way, the consumer must recharge the amount he wants and can later make withdrawals, make purchases and make payments. However, since it is a kind of debt, all expenses with the card should be paid in cash.


Thus, prepaid cards are excellent alternatives for people who are denied and those who have no income. In addition, it is extremely simple to control expenses, since the available limit corresponds to the value of the recharges made.

On the other hand, the great disadvantage of this modality goes directly by the collection of high rates and tariffs. If your priority is to save on your expenses it is fundamental to investigate the fees charged so that this type of card does not make your plans unfeasible.

Checked-out payday loans with dirty name

The current market is full of credit products available. Therefore, in addition to conventional credit and debit cards, there are prepaid and consigned. This modality is available to INSS beneficiaries, public servants, private companies and Armed Forces.

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  2. How to Make Olé Payroll Credit Card
  3. How to Make a Credit Card Payroll Bank

So, if you are part of any of these groups, just make an online consultation of the institutions that offer this credit. It is worth noting that it is possible to apply for a paycheck-deductible credit card at any branch, whether or not it is an account holder.

One of the major advantages of the modality is characterized by the fact that consumers have a guaranteed fixed income. Thus, with the consignment of credit, payment is made automatically through the direct debit of the paycheck.

Unlike the prepaid card, in the paycheck it is possible to make purchases in installments, besides allowing withdrawals in ATMs. Another point that deserves to be highlighted is that the customer must have a consignable margin to use the card.

As defined by the consignment rules, the use of the payroll deductible credit card may not exceed the maximum limit of 5% of net income. Therefore, due to payment guarantee, even negative customers can obtain the card because their approval is not conditional upon consultation with SPC and Serasa.

Store Credit Cards

You certainly must have visited some large department store or even supermarket chains and gas stations. So in that case, you’ve probably been approached by some promoter of these stores with a credit proposal.

The cards that are offered do not usually require many requirements such as consulting the SPC SERASA, or even proof of income. For this reason, it becomes a great attraction for those who want to buy, but have some restrictions.

However, in order to make an intelligent decision, all the costs of such credit must be taken into account. In general, the interest rates charged in this modality are considerably expensive. So getting that kind of credit card with dirty name might not be so interesting.

In order to request them, the interested consumer should attend the credit department of the store where a superficial survey will be made on the customer’s consumption profile. After answering a small questionnaire, the credit limit is released and the card issued at the same time.

What to do if your credit card request is denied

What to do if your credit card request is denied

So, you chose a card, you did your research, but you were denied. What to do? In fact, there is not much to do, because the issuers even dirty name cards, have guidelines to grant the plastic. If the applicant is not eligible, the card will be denied.

Let’s understand some of the reasons why you may have your card request denied regardless of whether it’s dirty name or not, and what you can do about it:

Having too many debts : This is simple to solve – in case you have very high current debts. Before you apply for another card, lower your budget or pay some debts that have an impact on your income or salary.

Credit report with restrictions : This is also easy to fix. Pay off the debts that appear on your report and wait a few months, then you can request your new card with a dirty name or private bank card or stores.

Low or insufficient income : Some cards require at least a minimum income to complete approval. Try a credit card that does not require income above what you can prove, but have the features you need.

Order 1 to 2 sizes larger than normal. View this on hoodies, organic shirts, and much more! Take a break on upcoming card requests and focus on creating your credit with no restrictions and good punctuation.

Minimum Age : The Law requires that persons under 18 years of age, even if they have an independent source of income, can not obtain a card on their own, unless they have an additional holder.

Very low credit score : If the problem is your credit score, you can start increasing your score by enrolling in the positive register and making a personal loan at a bank, financial or credit union.

These personal loans are offered in several ways: For example, there are unsecured loans or restricted loans that can be used to rightly clean your dirty nomo and build credit.

Some card issuers offer pre-approval for you, which means that they analyze your credit to assess if you are likely worthy of approval, as is the case with consigned card

In conclusion : Although the use of credit cards is really very interesting for consumers, it is essential to maintain adequate control over their use. That’s because, as best ally, he can become a big villain, leaving his accounts in the red.

Therefore, adequate financial planning is always the best option for those who have some type of restriction. Study all the possibilities and make the right decision.

What do you think of the tips we’ve brought to help you issue a dirty credit card ? Useful? If so, be sure to spread this content on social networks so that new people have knowledge on the subject. To the next!

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6 Credit Card Tips for Holiday and Holiday Periods Mon, 01 Apr 2019 11:45:45 +0000 Read More »]]>


Best Credit Card Tips To Take Advantage Of Them Best

  • 1. Check your credit report
  • 2. Take stock of all your credit cards
  • 3. Request an increase in the credit limit on the card
  • 4. Sign up to receive credit or account purchase alerts
  • 5. Check the cash bonuses back
  • 6. Learn more about the benefits of your card
  • Conclusion

Best Credit Card Tips To Take Advantage Of Them Best


So how can you make the most of using your credit cards getting more advantages and in some cases getting money back and many other rewards offered by banks and card companies without compromising your security?

The first step is to prepare your credit card for the busiest times and the most used, and the holiday season is one of them, so you have to take the time to properly plan your shopping list and new expenses.

As you go about paying for your purchases, expenses, and vacation expenses with a credit card, make sure you are following these six basic suggestions.

1. Check your credit report

 1. Check your credit report


Having a high score with good and excellent credit scores is probably the most important indicator that your financial health is healthy.


So it’s important to know what your name is (clean or restricted CPF) before you go out there in this busy year-end and year-end shopping season. Find it out:

  1. Do you have any late payment accounts?
  2. Do you have the name with at SPC or Serasa for non-payment?
  3. Is your score low because of financial pitfalls?

Review your credit history and report to make sure everything is up to date and in compliance with credit rules.

With so many purchases being made, it’s easy to get errors on your credit report. Here in Brazil, companies usually send a debt write-down report at the end of the year, always take a look and see if you really owe or do not.

Be sure to take extra time to review your name, look for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in credit protection agencies. If you find a mistake, contact one of the three credit bureaus: Serasa Experian, SPC Brazil and Boa Vista to remedy the situation.

2. Take stock of all your credit cards

 2. Take stock of all your credit cards

Spending your credit cards without having an organized plan is a recipe doomed to financial disaster.

Not only will you lose some important cash back bonuses on the card, but you will be able to pay additional charges and fees if by chance you exceed the spending limit stipulated by the credit card. Before you head out to the mall or have fun, check all credit cards in use.

  • Did you purchase new department store cards during the year?
  • Did you receive credit cards from banks or financial institutions?
  • Do you have active credit card from banks you are not using?
  • Do you keep a spreadsheet of all the cards that are in use?

At this point, it’s time to get them together and review them all.

In another detail, list balances, credit lines, spending bonuses, smiles, and other special benefits that may be useful in the near future.

Do not forget to evaluate other important details such as the interest rate charged, and whether future purchases qualify you for rate reduction or this is within promotions of type (money back or 0% fee for new purchases.

Be careful when making your list of credit cards so you do not spend too much on annuities or lose important benefits.


3. Request an increase in the credit limit on the card


 3. Request an increase in the credit limit on the card

To help with the increase in your spending that is about to happen during holidays and the holidays at the beginning of the year, call your bank or your credit card company and ask for an increase in your credit line.

As you know it will increase your spending during this hectic season, it is advisable to request an increase in the credit limit to meet new expenses.

That way, your purchasing power will not be affected, and you will have no problem popping your credit card. Be sure to use your new credit limit wisely, try not to spend more than you can afford, the idea is not to build unpayable debts.


4. Sign up to receive credit or account purchase alerts


 4. Sign up to receive credit or account purchase alerts

It’s no secret that fraudsters and identity thieves love the holiday season. In this period there is a significant increase in the expenses of people with the credit card, which means that there is more space for errors and neglected transactions.

One smart way to track your credit and debit card transactions in your account is to sign up for alerts via text message (SMS or email). If there is any sign of fraud, such as double-launch transactions or unauthorized purchases, you will receive a real-time alert from the banks or the credit card company.

To be honest, some of your credit cards may even offer free credit monitoring services, so it’s a good idea to ask about it at 0800, 4004 or 4003 and see if this protection service is enabled on the card or your card. account.

Even if the tracking service costs a small monthly fee, it may be worth paying during that time, when your bills need it most.

Another service available to users on Serasa Experian and Boa Vista (SCPC) is the so-called anti-fraud service that monitors your real-time CPF, which notifies those who consulted your name and informs you before being denied.


5. Check the cash bonuses back


Almost all credit cards are offering money back rebates in different ways ( moneyback ), from cash credit, to earning points or miles to travel.

This system is beneficial, but it can be confusing when you are trying to get the most out of your purchases. The good news is that you can easily categorize your credit cards based on the type of card they are.

Use this information to your advantage when making your shopping list, so you do not miss out on the extra cash back bonuses, smiles etc.

As we have said, you should make a list of your balances, spending, credit limits, and interest rates, so go ahead and also make a note about what types of cards and which categories of ” cashback ” bonus they Are included.

Tends to properly understand everything that your credit card offers, and try to fully maximize your spending to make money back and other benefits – the benefits are worth it.


6. Learn more about the benefits of your card


 6. Learn more about the benefits of your card

It’s easy to focus on the cash back bonuses that your credit card offers, but what about the other benefits of the card?

One of the main reasons to use a credit card during the end and early year shopping season is that most of your purchases may be covered with benefits like purchase protection.

This includes benefits such as an extended warranty, refund protection policy, and other benefits such as interest-free installments and special discounts.

Make sure you are familiar with all the advantages of the cards, and follow the offers that the credit cards you are using offers.

To find out the exact benefits that you have access to with each card, simply access the bank and / or administrator’s call, application or the online page of your credit card account through your computer or smartphone to learn more.

Take advantage also to read these articles :

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  3. How to apply for your new credit card with dirty name?
  4. How to ask your credit card for negativado?
  5. Check list with all credit cards without annuity






Before you go out to the mall or start your walk to do your shopping in stores or online websites first try to put into practice all the card tips we teach here , ie make sure you fully understand what benefits your credit offer.

Do not rush to just start spending with your card, do not overdraft your credit limit and do not pay your bills late because you can lose important cash benefits back and still pay fines, arrears and interest.

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Payday Loan for Individual Wed, 27 Mar 2019 07:23:34 +0000 Read More »]]>

The term personal loan is on the market with different models of financing occupied. They are all very different, so should actually be paid to a more precise demarcation. Read more at

For one thing, a personal loan is a loan given out by a private individual’s bank for private purposes. This was the original term, which has recently been replaced by a loan from private to private, which has been replaced for the sake of simplicity. A private- to-private loan is a personal loan, with both the lender and the borrower acting privately, without any business background. This is the form of credit that is becoming increasingly important.

Loan of individuals

Loan of individuals

That a private person gives money, this is quite rare. Although friends or acquaintances in an emergency sometimes give a cash injection, but a large sum is rarely received. Nevertheless, it is actually nothing else than a loan, which can also be obtained interest-free, or on very good terms.

Those who do not have the means to borrow money in their close circle or need a higher sum should try to find donors who are not known. But there should always be a little caution, because not every offer must be a serious one. Precisely the conditions should be checked first and also at the places of collateral, bonds of all kinds should be considered a lot.

The form of loans from private to private, which are brought to the man or the woman via online platforms, is quite modern. These are intended for all people, even those who can not provide great collateral, such as a positive private credit or a high income.

Lenders here are individuals who want to gain interest rates. They all decide to whom they pay out money and how much. As a borrower, a loan can be obtained in difficult cases, and even the loan amounts are variable. The big advantage is that the provider and also banks monitor lending. The control function gives a high level of seriousness that benefits both parties.

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Instant Payday Loan Mon, 11 Mar 2019 12:59:55 +0000 Read More »]]>

Loan payment within 4 days

Loan payment within 4 days

  • Start your loan request now (there is no contract yet).
  • After checking your request, the money is already in your account after 4 days.
  • You just have to accept our offer. If not, then not. No hook, no cost.

Since an instant payday loan without a fixed income can not be secured by the applicant’s creditworthiness and employment contract, a focus on the free financial market is an advantage.

Here, potential borrowers will find a variety of ways to get credit, even with limited credit, and hand over other things for security.

Due to a wide variety of loans in different sums, with different frameworks and by various donors, a prior comparison is an advantage and can rule out a poor decision.


The fast processing is highly convincing

The fast processing is highly convincing

Those who apply for an instant payday loan without a fixed income online can exclude waiting periods for the grant.

Comparing a suitable offer or contracting a free financial service provider accelerates the success and allows a quick instant loan without a fixed income.

Without a comparison of different loans, one should make no decision on the free financial market. Not all offers are suitable for each applicant, so a too short decision can lead to problems within the term

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